jhutchmyanchor asked:

Everlark "You have no idea do you?"

sponsormusings answered:

Thanks for the prompt, dear! I’ve combined it with another drabble request, from jeeno2, for lifeguard!Everlark. I hope you like!

The midday sun was hot, caused beads of sweat to gather along her hairline and slide down her back. It wouldn’t be so bad if she was able to be in the ocean with everyone else in town, swimming and splashing and having fun.

No, instead it was her job to sit here, to observe and watch and make sure that no-one drowned on her watch.

It was Katniss’ first season as a lifeguard, a gig that Madge had told her paid decently enough, gave her her nights free, and ensured she spent her days outside, rather than being stuck inside some stupid department store or tending bar during her summer vacation.  But even that side benefit didn’t make it any easier when it was as hot as hell and her stupid standard issue swimsuit hugged her in all the wrong places.

You’re doing it for Prim, she reminded herself. To help her get into college.

She scanned the waterline, lifted a hand to block out the sun, watched as two kids built a sandcastle that immediately got decimated by an older sibling. She saw two teenage girls sunbathing, oiled up so much that their bronze skin gleamed, in bikinis that left little to the imagination. A group of guys played frisbee a little further down the beach, laughing and joking as one of them tumbled head over feet in an attempt to catch the circular object as it flew in his direction.

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